"Vampires of Portlandia" First Line Poster - $12.00

(The iconic first line of the novel immortalized in comic form.)

"Drama Dolls" Front Cover Poster - $16.00

(The amazing front cover image of Jeffrey as a cheerleader.)

"Vampires of Portlandia" First Look at Percival Poster - $12.00

(A first look at Percival riding his rickshaw in downtown Portland.)

Drama Dolls T-shirt

"Drama Dolls" T-shirt - $22.95

(Get people talking and turn heads with this tee that displays the book cover.)

"Vampires of Portlandia" Aswang Werebeast (Crow) Poster - $12.00

(The werebeast (crow) is one of the aswangs that reeks havoc in "Vampires of Portlandia".)

Anonymous - A novel T-Shirt
"Anonymous" T-shirt - $22.95

(Turn heads with this tee that displays the word "Anonymous", based on the Publishers Weekly starred reviewed novel.)

Drama Dolls - Novel cover sticker

"Drama Dolls" sticker - $5.95

(Take the book cover with you with this dazzling sticker.)